Disc Golf in Schools: Lincoln Elementary


A kindergarten student shows good putting form

Last week, we launched our first Disc Golf in Schools program at Lincoln Elementary School in Corvallis, OR. Approximately 385 students attended the clinics we held during 4 days of physical education classes.

During the first two days, the clinics led by professional disc golfers Zoe AnDyke and Dustin Keegan introduced disc golf driving and putting skills to the K-5 grade students. Both Dustin and Zoe wowed the students when they demoed their own driving and putting skills.

Over the final two days, Chris Singer and physical education teacher Mukta Gupta led students through further putting instruction indoors. Students were encouraged to set goals for themselves and did an excellent job of cheering on their classmates.

Feedback from the program has been excellent. One teacher told us: “The kids have been talking about disc golf all week.”

Lincoln Elementary School parent, Kristen Fritz, commented on Facebook:

“My two kiddos have been out in the yard with their frisbees every day since the Lincoln clinic. They loved it so much! Thanks for all your hard work making it happen!”


Zoe watching a student during a 1st grade PE class

Besides providing quality instruction from professional disc golfers, the Disc Golf in Schools program gave Lincoln Elementary 9 disc golf targets (from DGNomad, www.dgnomad.com) and will be returning to the school in May to present them with 60 disc golf discs from Legacy Discs (www.legacydiscs.com). Also at that time, we will be returning to Lincoln’s PE classes for two days and setting up a temporary course using all 9 DGNomad targets.

Funding for this first project came from a generous donation from Corvallis Rotary Club After 5.

To see more pictures from our event, please follow our Facebook: www.facebook.com/discgolfinschools.

Let us know if you’re interested in bringing us to your school. You can contact us here.

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