Disc Golf in Schools

Starting in 2015, Summit Disc Golf Promotions will be launching a program to provide local schools with disc golf targets and discs. We will be partnering with schools’ physical education programs and holding disc golf clinics at the school to help introduce the sport of disc golf to students.

Why Disc Golf in Schools?

DGNomad Targets for Youth

The DGNomad Disc Golf Targets we will be acquiring for schools.

Disc golf has lots of benefits for people of all ages and abilities. Here’s just a few reasons why SDGP wants to get disc golf into as many schools as possible:

* Anyone can play. One of our favorite things about disc golf is how it provides a way for people of any skill level to play together.

* Disc golf encourages physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Disc golf provides a fun and challenging outdoor activity that can keep you in shape and help build not just physical skills (strength, stability, balance), but mental skills (concentration, focus, patience).

* Schools can use disc golf in the classroom. Many schools are introducing disc golf into their curriculum with an emphasis on physical fitness, ecology, math, physics and planning.

The first school we will be working with is Lincoln Elementary School in Corvallis, OR (April 20 & 21, 2015). As part of the program, we will have professional disc golfers Zoe AnDyke and Dustin Keegan perform a clinic with the students during their physical education class. Funds will be raised to purchase 9 disc golf targets from DG Nomad and starter discs will be acquired as well.

If you’d like to talk about how to get disc golf into your school, please feel free to contact SDGP.

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