Grow the Game

Ideas for growing the sport of disc golf:

  • Chris Singer

    Chris at Knollwood DGC in Kalamazoo, MI. This was in 2003 right after he started playing.

    Share your love of the game – People who love other sports show their support in all sorts of ways: wearing gear, posting on social media, putting bumper stickers on their vehicle or simply just talking about it.

  • Invite a new player to play – This is something I strive to do more of in 2015. If each disc golfer invites one new player to the course or to a disc golf club meeting or a putting league, the addictive quality of disc golf will surely help grow the game.
  • Introduce the game to families – Over the last year alone, I’ve seen more families on my local disc golf course than in previous years combined. Disc golf is very family-friendly and can be a great activity for families who enjoy the outdoors.
  • Getting disc golf into schools – Obviously for us, this is a big one. We firmly believe that getting disc golf into schools will help grow the game dramatically. Read about our plans for 2015 here.