How do we grow the game inclusively?

Yesterday, I attended a Prodigy Par 2 event at Church Park in Sublimity, OR. Roger Stephen from Tiger Discs in Salem put on a terrific event that sold out pretty quickly in late December. As I mention on my Grow the Game page, these promotional disc golf events are fantastic ways to help grow the sport. I’ve played in two of these events now and while I enjoyed them very much, I also noticed something largely missing from these events: women and youth.

There were easily 50 men playing in the event yesterday with one youth and one woman I met who actually commented on Facebook:



I agree with Crystal. It was definitely fun and I wish more ladies (and youth for that matter) would’ve turned out as well. While these events are a ton of fun, if we truly are interested in growing the sport, we should work to try to figure out ways to get the word out and get more women and youth to these promotional events.

This post is in no way meant to criticize the organizers of these events or the events themselves. I love playing in these and have had a blast at the two I’ve played. However, I’m wondering if there’s something directors of these events could do to encourage more women and youth to enroll? What I’m hoping for in this post is to start a conversation. I am looking to host one of these promotional disc golf events in the next few months and I will be deciding whether I want to hold an event only open to women/youth (as someone suggested to me yesterday) or to hold an inclusive event that can have a good mix of ages, genders, etc… Please comment below and share with your clubs and friends. I appreciate all your input and look forward to conversation on this topic. I will share ideas, comments, questions, etc… in a later post. Thanks!

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