Introducing Double Par Designs

discgolfdadOccasionally I’m going to use my site as a forum for spreading the word on some disc golf products that I use and like. Today, I want to introduce Double Par Designs, a disc golf company providing custom designs for women’s apparel, discs and tournaments.

Double Par Designs is owned by Tonia Marie. Double Par Designs primarily specializes in women’s disc golf apparel. Some of their signature slogans are It’s Not Just For Boys and Rip It Like A Girl. They have this artwork and other artwork available on t-shirts, dri-fit, sweatshirts, stickers, patches and more. Check their store out at:

I stumbled across Double Par Designs on Facebook when I saw a shirt that caught my eye (this isn’t the same photo, but it has the same shirt design on the right). When I clicked on the photo, I saw a shirt that said:

“There aren’t many things I love more than DISC GOLF but one of them is being a DAD”

Upon seeing this, I knew I had to get this shirt! I messaged Tonia on Facebook and heard back really quickly. I asked her if I could get the shirt in a dri-fit and she said yes and offered to put in whatever colors I wanted. I was stoked!

In less than a week I had the shirt I wanted and couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Double Par Designs and am happy to endorse them here on Summit Disc Golf Promotions. Here’s me in the shirt I ordered:


You can get in touch with Double Par Designs through the highlighted links above.


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