Request for Proposal

dgiscollage2Part of the mission of Disc Golf in Schools is to provide every school we work with at least 50-100 golf discs. To fulfill that mission, we are looking for disc golf vendors interested in being the exclusive disc golf provider for Disc Golf in Schools.


Yes, right now we are in our infancy, but things are moving fast!

Our first school program launch is on April 20th and 21st at Lincoln Elementary School in Corvallis, OR. We are close to expanding very quickly though to every school in the Corvallis School District. That’s 14 schools (700-1400 golf discs) just in one community. Not to mention, we already have leads with some of the private schools in the area. Besides providing discs to schools, we are also close to solidifying a partnership with the local Boys and Girls Club as well as making plans for afterschool, weekend programs as well as tournaments and special events. Again, this is just in one community. We believe the model we developed is 1.) Affordable everywhere and 2.) Easily replicable in communities across the country. We’re just scratching the surface and strongly believe your company will benefit from being our exclusive disc provider.


1.) We will be launching in the next week to ten days.

2.) We will be launching an IndieGoGo campaign to help provide seed money and resources for a full program launch, which will also include setting up Disc Golf In Schools as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

3.) As our exclusive disc provider, your sponsored disc golf professionals will have the opportunity to be involved in the program as trainers in their local community. This not only grows the Disc Golf in Schools program, but will also grow their personal brand as well as your company’s brand.

4.) As our exclusive disc provider, your branding will be on our website as well as all our printed materials.


1.) A company with vision! Don’t look at this as just a way to make a profit — look at this as a way to grow the sport by potentially getting your discs in the hands of tens of thousands of kids who may play for the next 60-70 years of their lives! Who knows, our program just might find the next Paul McBeth or the next Juliana Korver and there’s a strong chance your company would be their sponsor. This is also a way of saying that we just don’t want you for a few schools or communities. We want you to want to be involved for the long haul.

2.) You must be a company that makes lightweight discs. We will be working with kids as young as kindergarten age so we need schools to have access to lightweight discs.

3.) If your company makes apparel or other disc golf accessories, you can gain that much more from being involved. Imagine getting every kid in a school a mini disc with your logo on it. Have other ideas? Let us know about it and what else you might be able to provide the program.

4.) Creativity! It’s possibly an overused phrase, but be willing to “think outside the box.” We’re just getting started and don’t believe we have all the answers. If you have an idea or resources that can benefit Disc Golf in Schools, we’d love to hear about it.


If this all sounds good and you’re interested, we are currently taking Requests for Proposals (RFP). Please send us an RFP with the following:

* Company name and contact information

* Contact information for the person we will be working with if we choose to accept your RFP

* Cost of discs as well as what discs and weights will be available for us to purchase from you

* Items you might be willing to donate to each school program

* Why we should choose your company as our exclusive disc provider

* Any other information you’d like us to consider

Please provide this information to us by April 1st. You can send this by email at: summitdiscgolf [at] gmail [dot] com.