ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about taking your putting skills to the next level...
Join the Summit Disc Golf Virtual putting league for the opportunity to improve your putting skills and win cash!
Drive For Show, Putt For Dough  
Most of us have heard the saying, "Drive For Show, Putt For Dough." Putting is arguably the most important aspect in the game of disc golf! By joining the Summit Disc Golf Virtual Putting League, you will have the opportunity to improve your putting skills like never before! Not to mention, you will be competing for CASH! 

The process to sign up is simple! Enter your information in the box to the right, and when your order is complete, you will create a members login. From there you will receive instructions on how this next week's virtual putting league will work. Don't Wait! Sign Up Now!

Hurry And Sign Up For The Week Of 02/22 - 02/27

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Registration ends on 02/27 at 10 PM MST!

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How Does The Virtual Putting League Work?

It's super simple...

After you sign up for league, you'll have access to a form that will be used to fill out your score. You will be playing a putting game that requires you to do 100 putts. There is pressure on every single putt! There is no better way to practice your putting! During your round, you will record yourself and submit the video along with your score. That's it! Sign Up Now! You won't regret it! 
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